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Life's Little Instruction Book


Dear Mr. Brown,

My husband and I of twenty years have one son of 19. He joined the army on the 14th of March, 2005. Our goal was to get him into a good college and to avoid his long time yearning to go into the military. Well, we were able to get a scholarship to a good University which paid 90% of his tuition. We paid the rest, set up a deposit for him to attend in the fall of this year and he will take a year off to relax and enjoy himself. Within this time frame of enjoying himself, the Army got a hold of him and set up arrangements for him to join. Kris is a smart cookie. He did his home work and looked into each and every branch of the military before joining. He wants to get into the Military Intelligence to become an interrogator. He found out that he can better benefits if he joins the Army. Well, what ever he decides on I back him up 100%. This was his decision to join and not to go to college and that's ok with me. He will attend college afterwards and get everything paid in full. But when he left on the 14th, my heart broke in two. I'm still recovering from that day.

I have a tendency to go shopping at thrift stores. When Kris left, I went shopping. I found your book and bought it. I thought it was a good book to have on my desk at work, something to flip thru and read a quick insert to make my day. I didn't know it would come in handy as much as it has.

When I started writing letters to my son, I started including some of the quotes in your book. These are things that I would tell Kris when he was young, "Do as I say and you'll be ok." Was one that I would tell him through out his life? This means, I'm still learning and as I learn, I will tell you how to deal with the problem as it arises. It sounds much better than Do as I say not as I do. Kris hates hearing this sentence. He's heard it all of his life. But it is so true. No one knows how to deal with a matter until they have to deal with it.

Every letter I send him which is pretty much every day, I put a list of quotes from your book to make sure he knows the good and bad of life and how to deal with these matters. It is so important to make sure he knows what to do and how to deal with every day problems that are so minute compared to some of the major problems that he have to deal with in his lifetime. It puts me at ease to know that he knows these areas and how to deal with them. You've helped me deal with his departure and arrival of his new life. He a very straight edge man. He knows that it is bad to curse, drink, smoke and dealing with questionable people. He is very political and militant. I knew he would join the military but the question is when. I wanted to wait until this war was over before he joined but it didn't work out that way and that's ok. Even though I've cried myself to sleep thinking of my only child at war, I know he knows more than the average soldier and that's because of his parents making sure he knows to go with your intuition and little quotes to take along with him.

I just love your book. It makes me feel better to send him these quotes, this way I know for a fact he knows and someday when he needs to use it, he will have it filed away in his brain.

I'd love to thank you for your inspiration in person. You have done more work than you know. You have made my heart at ease and you are giving a soldier little pointers to take with him through out his life.

Again thank you for taking time out to write this book and I will be looking for your other books. I'll buy them new.

Lots of love to you and yours.

R.D., Chicago, IL



Enclosed please find a check to purchase 10 volumes of Life's Little Instruction Book. I would appreciate it if you could sign each book. I am a General Jurisdiction Judge in Nevada. When I sentence young felony offenders to probation, I often require them to obtain a General Equivalency Diploma or a high school diploma. In the decade I have been a judge, I have found that one of the single most important predictors for keeping young people out of the criminal justice system is when they obtain an education. Most of the young felons I meet in the course of my work have not had appropriate adult role models. These young people have never learned life's lessons. I have given great thought as to what type of graduation gift I could provide my young probationers and recently concluded that a copy of Life's Little Instruction Book could, indeed, help set them on the right path.

J.B., NV


I didn't often write to authors of books, but when I read the introduction of Life's Little Instruction Book it was time the tradition was broken. Thank you for caring enough about your son to write this book. My father and mother were divorced when I was very young. I could see in my friends, in my teenage years, a maturity that I didn't have. I could tell it was from their fathers when they were together, because in lots of ways they acted the same. My father was never close to me in any sense of the word, even geographically. I could not even tell you if I loved the man because I never knew who he was, only what he had become. When I look at your book, it helps fill that void that I've been lacking. I'm in my mid-thirties now. I have worked on multi-million dollar projects, studied at great universities, and somehow your book is better than what I have studied. It truly is how to live a better life. Thank you for giving me a father's advice that I never got.

A.C., Bountiful, UT


I hope this letter finds its way to you. I have never written a fan letter of any kind or for any reason. This is my first. I mention that because I wanted you to realize how deeply your book moved me.

I bought four of your little Life's Little Instruction Book at Christmas. I gave three of them to my children, and gave the fourth to my best friend. I'm only sorry now that I didn't purchase one for everyone I know (remembering to keep one for myself)!

The words of wisdom and humor are timeless. I vowed to my three children that by next Christmas, I would have started one of my own for them. I'm not sure I could expand on your wisdom without being repetitious. You covered so much ground with so few words. Many of your little "pearls" deserve some serious contemplation, rather than skimming on to the next page. Your humor makes the whole book easy to read while digesting the heavier entries.

Thank you for your masterpiece. If a person has trouble reading or understanding the Bible, they should read your little book. It may not solve life's mysteries, or get you into the gates of Heaven, but it certainly can make the journey through life full of meaning and joy.

P.J., Richardson, TX


My mother gave me the first of your Life's Little Instruction books when I graduated from eighth grade, and I have been accumulating them ever since. Between the four members of my family, we probably have three copies of each. And they are used on a daily basis. When something happens in my life, I always end up leafing through your books, looking for the piece of advice that will inspire me.

A. M., San Diego, CA


I received Life's Little Instruction Book Volume I upon my high school graduation. I enjoyed it immensely but did not recognize the value in it until today. I was sitting out on our porch watching the sun go down and reading a page here and a page there; when all of a sudden it me that I've neglected a lot of my obligations as a human being.

I guess the point of my letter is that I am in your debt. Your books (I also have Volume II) have shown me that I need to work harder, to be kinder to others, and so many other things that there is too many to mention…Thank you again for improving my vision, helping me to see. God bless you in all that you do.

J.G., Pendleton, OR


Dear Mr. Brown,

I am only a freshman in college, and plan on majoring in Pharmacy, or Education Administration. Over the last couple of years, I have been able to read some of your works. The latest two are entitled: Life's Little Instruction Book, Volumes I and II. These little books of inspiration have given me a whole new look on life. I take each little phrase to heart and put it toward my day. This is really something to see. I just wanted to introduce myself, and say thank you for putting a book of this nature on the shelf. Just as you gave this book to your son Adam on his way to college, my parents were able to share your work with me. I hope someday I can pass these books on to my wife and then children. Thank you once again, and keep the little inspirations coming.

R.E.B., Columbus, OH


Dear Mr. Jackson Brown, Jr.,

I am writing to let you know how much your books Life's Little Instruction Books 1 & 2 mean to me. My dad bought them for me before he died three years ago and said that since he didn't have enough time to teach me everything he knew, that these books would help me throughout my life without him.

My dad was a highly respected doctor and for anything to keep his interest and endorsement it must be good…though I may be very biased!

Every year since then I select a different list of the ones that apply to me most and keep them in my diary as resolutions. I try to read them both at least once a month and I want you to know that you have helped shape my life in these difficult years, this August I'll be nineteen.

I'd like to know when you're bringing out another one…but no pressure!

S. M. G., North Rockhampton, Australia


Mr. Brown, Re: Famous as far as West Africa!


Thanks for your book, Life's Little Instruction Book, Volume II. I found it in the library of the American Embassy Recreation Center in Bburkima Fass (formerly "Upper Volta") West Africa. That's not too far from Timbuktu! I wanted you to know your book has inspired people on other continents. We returned to the US from Africa due to my wife's illness. She has cancer. Your book still inspires me, as a husband, father, caregiver, and a man in need. Thanks!

C.H., Baltimore, MD


I was delighted to read Life's Little Instruction Book, Volume II for the first time and I have read it from cover to cover, over and over again since then. I have highlighted my favorite maxims and return to them again and again in search of inspiration and guidance. Every time I read the book, I am struck by the way it gently reveres the straightforward values of respect, kindness, humility, and common sense. Your book has been a gentle reminder to me of the importance of these things, and a tremendous source of encouragement and inspiration.

S.P.W., Burwood, Victoria Australia



I purchased this book several years ago hoping that it would provide me with some insight into child rearing. Not only did it give me some great ideas to share with my son, but it gave me some ideas that I apply to my own life. I find that several of the quotes I use on a daily basis. In fact, I share many of the ideas found in LIFE'S LITTLE INSTRUCTION BOOK: VOLUME I with my family and friends. Possibly the best compliment I give this book is that I give a copy of this book to young adults I know that are graduating from high school. Of course, I highlight my favorite messages, and I write a little note telling them why I like the passage.

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Live And Learn And Pass It On


Dear Mr. Brown,

My appreciation is extended to you for your book, Live and Learn And Pass It On. My wife of 49 years and I keep it on the kitchen table and read parts each day. What a splendid idea. You are to be complimented for compiling such for all of us who believe humor and truth are such wonderful aspects of life. At 75 years of age, the Appellate Courts have taught me that my decisions must be right and for the right reason.

T.G., TN


Your books are wonderful! I can't thank you enough. My name is Stefanie. I am 14 years old. Your books have helped me so much throughout my life. They have given me hope, inspiration and joy. My friends and I read them in study hall or sometimes even in class. After we're finished reading them, we pass them around and let everyone read. One time I got caught and the teacher took it away. She wouldn't give it back until she was done reading it. I didn't get in trouble, thank goodness, because she gave me credit for reading something educational.

After reading, I stop and think. Your books make me feel good. They make me realize that life is tough and I have a whole lot ahead of me. But that's OK. I'm prepared. When some girls look for advice about life, they pick up their "Seventeen" magazine. All they find in there is a whole bunch of stories about what to do when your boyfriend dumps you, or how to get rid of a pimple. When on the other hand, I pick up the good stuff in Live and Learn and Pass It On, it tells me the truth, and helps me for the rest of my life.

S.P., Sterling Heights, MI



It has the cutest sayings about life and the ideal book to read when you're having a bad day or just need a lift. Most of the sayings are true and from people of all ages, which is why it caught my attention. I had originally got this book from browsing in a library on my college's campus and checked it out not knowing what to expect. It had sayings in it like, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got" by a 51 year old; and that "even though it's hard to admit, I'm secretly glad when my parents are strict with me" by a 15 year old. And that "a mule dressed in a tuxedo is still a mule" by a 70 year old and "being a success at the office is not worth it if it means being a failure at home" by a 51 year old. After reading these passages, I'm positive that the average reader can look through the passages and find a lot that can and does relate to his or her life.

A reader from Lexington, KY



 First I must say your books are a great way of spending quiet evenings at home! It's a wonderful insight on how similar people of all age levels across the country think about life and what it has to offer. I have looked at your books as encouragement through difficult times in my life, knowing someone else has gone through that experience as well, and now can share it with others like myself. Your younger readers' entries often bring a smile to my face. I love how they make life's little things into memorable experiences. I look forward to reading more of your books in the future

S. D. D., Middleport, N,Y.


A Hero In Every Heart


One New Year's Eve when I was young, I was at a nightclub dressed to the nines in a beautiful red beaded dress. I was walking down the stairs to the main area when I slipped on the wet floor. As I was lying on the ground in the middle of the crowd, a young man walked over to me and put his hand out to help me up. As I got up off the floor I thanked him.

He replied, "I should have been there to catch you."

He turned what would have been an embarrassing moment into one of the most romantic moments of my life.

We never spoke another word. I don't know who he was, and I never saw him again, but he'll be my hero forever.

E.P., Fort Laurderdale, FL



I thought that the book, "A Hero In Every Heart" was GREAT! I play a lot of sports and when I was in doubt I would just open the book and read it until I felt better again. I think that everything in that book is absolutely true. I enjoyed it a lot and I think that everyone athletic, or not, should read this book. It is something to really get your self-esteem up if you're in doubt! Overall I think this is a great book!

K.M from Illinois



This is a great book. It was given to me as a member of the United States delegation at the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta. I stayed up the first night after receiving it an read the entire book. I have read it several times and get something from it every time. It provides me with the inspiration I sometimes need when I don't feel like training. GREAT BOOK!!!!

S.M. from Lafayette, LA



This text is excellent for young and old, athlete and non-athlete. "Don't quit" and "character" messages can be applied throughout life.

A reader from Boston, MA


Wit and Wisdom of the Peanut Butter Gang


This should be required reading for classrooms, and the children's parents! Wit and Wisdom from the Peanut Butter Gang is one of the best books I have ever read. It will make you laugh and cry; sometimes you might even cry from laughing. This book touched my heart in a way I can only describe as the feeling your tummy must feel when the peanut butter and jelly hit it &endash; totally satisfied! It is a must read, especially for children (so long as you're close enough to hear them laughing &endash; otherwise it isn't worth it!) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Two thumbs up for the Peanut Butter Gang! This book is both truthful and wise, and it could only come from the innocent hearts and minds of children. Some of the quotes are hilarious, and some are incredibly touching. I'd recommend this book to anyone needing a smile or even a quick laugh now and again.

C. B. from Cookeville, TN



As one who is always looking for insightful books and spiritual quotations, I happened upon the Peanut Butter Gang and was truly delighted. Each quote comes from the heart of those who are not yet jaded and hopefully, will never be. This book is a great reminder that life is much easier to focus on in simplistic tones. A true joy, this is one title I plan on buying for all of my friends and family.

Susan from Tierra Verde, FL



There isn't anyone who will not find something to relate to in this collection of "worldly wisdom" from kids &endash; as you read, you will say out loud, "that is SO true!!" Some words are hilarious, some are tender &endash; be prepared to enjoy them all.

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Highlighted In Yellow



I initially bought this book for a friend of mine who was about to attend university in the fall. However, after reading several pages myself, found that I could hardly keep it down. It contains life changing short stories and quotes that are sure to make anyone cheerful. I have now decided to buy a copy for myself.

J.C., from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


When the world is so busy and you don't even have time to think, you can go to this book, sit down, and relax and forget all of your worldly concerns. A lot of people in the world today have forgotten what is really important in our lives. When asked that questions all would reply that their family and friends are most important but too many other things always seem to get in their way. This book talks about all the important things in life and is a great book to read over and over. I've bought ten copies and am giving them away to my family, friends and customers. Hopefully, this book will touch many peoples lives and will make the world just a little better place to live. If you want your heart warmed and your soul cleansed, get a copy of this awesome book today. You won't be disappointed. It should be on every home's coffee table. Can't wait for their next book to be published.

W.C., from West Bend, WI



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